Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get help at Comprehensive Pain & Neurology Center?

We treat chronic pain. If you have been in chronic pain - constant pain that has lasted more than six months due to illness or injury - we can help you. The treatment of chronic pain requires a dedication to the patient which surpasses that in many medical fields because often patients do not get better with one procedure or a single medication. At Comprehensive Pain & Neurology Center we are committed to provide you the best possible care with the latest technology by the most highly trained physicians and medical staff in Middle Tennessee. We are your partner in relieving your pain and reclaiming your life throughout your treatment with us. We believe a balanced approach is the only way to treat chronic pain and we will do our best to help you regardless of the origin of your pain.

What kind of treatments do you offer?

Our physicians are fellowship trained and board certified in Pain Medicine. We focus on providing advanced interventional pain treatments in order to treat almost all forms of chronic pain. Our physicians perform an extensive examination in order to recommend the most appropriate treatments for your chronic pain condition.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Comprehensive Pain & Neurology Center accepts most insurance plans, including government-sponsored plans and private commercial insurances. Our complete list of accepted insurance plans is subject to change so please contact your insurer to verify contracting status.

List of Accepted Insurance

  • Aetna
  • Americhoice
  • Amerivantage (Murfreesboro office only)
  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Cigna Connect
  • First Health/Coventry
  • Healthspring
  • Humana
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Multiplan
  • Personal Injury
  • Tricare
  • United Health Care
  • Workers' Compensation

Carriers Not Accepted

  • Amerigroup

Do you accept Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury cases?

Yes, however, we will need some information at the time the appointment is scheduled. If your visit has not been authorized by your employer or the insurance carrier, as the case may be, you will be responsible for all charges at the time of service.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

This usually depends on your insurance plan. Please call your insurance carrier first before contacting our office to determine if your plan requires a physician's referral. If a referral is not required, to schedule an appointment at any of our three convenient locations please request an appointment by completing a New Patient Appointment Request Form.

What physician specialties are qualified for certification in Pain Medicine?

Currently, the American Board of Medical Specialties acknowledges the practice of Pain Medicine to involve physicians from multiple specialties. These include Physiatry, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology and Neurology. Interestingly, 47.6% of general Neurologists state that they care for patients with chronic spine and limb pain. However, few neurologists are fellowship trained or board certified in Pain Medicine (less than 450 physicians in the United States).

Dr. Schneider, the founder of Comprehensive Pain & Neurology Center, is the only board certified Neurologist in Middle Tennessee who is also board certified in Pain Medicine.

Is board certification in Pain Medicine important?

Treating patients with chronic pain requires years of specialized training. Our physicians are board certified by their specialty board and also the subspecialty board of Pain Medicine. Not all physicians providing pain management services in Tennessee are board certified Pain Medicine physicians. We believe it is important for you to know your provider's training and qualifications.

The Tennessee Medical Association is currently drafting a policy describing "Pain Specialists" as only those physicians with board certification by the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). When you or a family member needs health care or medical treatment, you want a highly qualified doctor dedicated to providing outstanding care. When you choose a doctor who is board certified by one of the ABMS Member Boards, you can be confident he or she meets nationally recognized standards for education, knowledge, experience and skills to provide high quality care in a specific medical specialty. Board certification goes above and beyond basic medical licensure.

Our physicians are fellowship trained and board certified in Pain Medicine so they have proven they possess the knowledge to make an accurate diagnosis and customize and execute a treatment plan specific to your individual needs.

Call 1-866-ASK-ABMS or click here to see if your physician is board certified in Pain Medicine.

Why choose a Neurologist as my pain specialist?

Several neurologic diseases result in chronic pain, e.g., spinal injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, complex regional pain syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia and radiculopathy. Pain is a function of the nervous system and Neurologists have traditionally been thought of as masterful diagnosticians. Fellow physicians often rely on Neurologists to sort out patients' complex medical histories, tests and symptoms to make the correct diagnosis in order to create effective treatment plans. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) published a position statement in 2001 stating that Neurologists have a "special responsibility" to pain patients because of the Neurologists' familiarity with the nervous system and their experience in providing sophisticated pharmacotherapy for a variety of disorders. The unique training received by Neurologists to actually diagnose and understand the pathways of pain provides Neurologists with the expertise required to accurately diagnose and treat chronic pain patients.

Dr. Schneider is the only physician in Middle Tennessee who is both board certified in Neurology and Pain Medicine.

How do I make an appointment?

To request an appointment, you can either:

1. Submit your contact information online via a New Patient Appointment Request. (The form is at bottom right of our website.) A member of our staff will contact you with an appointment time.


2. Submit your information by pre-registering as a patient using our Patient Portal. A member of our staff will contact you with an appointment time.

Are there forms I need to fill out before my visit?

Complete and print out all the New Patient Appointment Forms and bring them with you at the time of your appointment.

How early do I need to arrive for my appointment?

New Patients

- With Uncompleted New Patient Forms: Arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment or procedure time.

- With Completed and Printed New Patient Forms: Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment or procedure time.

- If you are scheduled for a procedure: Be certain to carefully review the Patient Procedure Instructions prior to arriving for your scheduled procedure.

Current Patients

- Scheduled for a Procedure: Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure time. Be certain to carefully review the Patient Procedure Instructions prior to arriving for your scheduled procedure.

- With Follow-up Clinic Appointments: Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  1. New Patient Appointment Forms
  2. Current insurance card
  3. Drivers' license or state issued identification
  4. List of current medications

Although the following should be sent by your referring provider, in order to serve you best, please also bring copies of the following:

  1. Recent medical records
  2. Most recent imaging reports (X-rays, MRI or CT scans)
  3. Electromyography (EMG) or Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) results

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and CareCredit.